Welcome to buy Beston mechanical bull rides for sale. Mechanical bull rides is a popular combination machine of inflatable bouncer and a mechanical bull, the “mechanical bull “in the middle of the equipment could be set by a rodeo bull or a horse. But rodeo bull is the most popular ride we have seen in the amusement rides industry. The “mechanical bull “usually powered by an electric motor, in this way, riders or amusement rides owners could control the speed. Purchase your new mechanical bull rides from our company now!

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Price, Cases and More Information of Beston Mechanical Bull:

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Mechanical Bull?

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Mechanical Bull for Sale in South Africa

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Mechanical Bull Sales Prices

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Combination Details of the Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rides:

Generally speaking, mechanical bull rides could be divided into three parts, the rodeo ride, the inflatable cushion and a control box. The mechanical bull rides could also be replaced by a horse or other animals ride, but usually we use the rodeo. The big difference between each of inflatable mechanical bull is the inflatable cushion. The inflatable could be made into round, square, pentagonal and other shapes the customer need. The mechanical bull could sold separately and also could set in the middle of the inflatable cushion. This set of equipment is control by electric control box. People could change or set the speed of the rodeo.

Mechanical Bull Rides Video from Beston Workshop:

Parameters of Quality But Cheap Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rides from Beston:

Name Mechanical bull rides, rodeo rides, inflatable mechanical bull
Area 4*4m/Customize
Capacity 200kg
Speed Adjustable(9-60/min)
Angle 30°
Power/Voltage 220v/380v, 1.5kw
Material Inflatables: PVC 0.55mm, Rodeo: FRP.
Shape/Size/Color round, square, pentagonal/customize
Accessories Air Blower, Carrying bags, repair kits and so on
Air blower CE UL GS EMC TUV Certificates(220v-240v or 110v-120v)
Printing Digital printing

Application of Inflatable Bull Rides Machine In Beston:

Most of want to buy an inflatable mechanical bull ride for their park business, but not sure whether it is suitable for kids. Here Beston will answer to your questions.

On one hand, speed of inflatable mechanical bull are adjustable, and there is an inflatable cushion under and around the electric bull ride, even if riders dropped down from the rodeo, they will never hurt by the ride. And if a kiddie want to have a ride on the rodeo ride, we could slow down the speed of the equipment. We could also design a kiddie size mechanical bull for sale for our customer.

On the other hand, mechanical bull rides are widely used in the amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, and fairgrounds, large squares with crowds of people, community playground and other outdoor activities. Mechanical bull ride is a kind of thrill amusement rides for people.

Features of Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale:

  • Inflatable mechanical bull rides for sale in the amusement park is a kind of thrill entertainment rides for amusement park, funfair and other outdoor activities.
  • Mechanical bull is a simulation bull machine with Spanish bullfighting music and controlled by a computer.
  • Mechanical bull has a character of stimulate and challenge which could cultivate the player’s courage, strong character and physical coordination. It is thrill enough to meet people’s strong desire to conquer fear.
  • Inflatable mechanical bull could also be used as an attractive ride for business holders to attract more people.
  • It is cheaper than other mechanical rides for park business. Less investment, lower risk.
  • Inflatable bull ride machine is more attractive than the traditional mechanical rides.
  • Construction Place Requirement: Around tent square meters sites is enough, if the ground is flat.
  • Easy to operate, operators could press the button immediately.
  • Widely usage: with its small covering area, mechanical bull rides for sale are widely used in the shopping mall, funfair, amusement parks, large squares, theme parks, leisure places and other outdoor and indoor activities.
  • High-performance security, safe for passengers. Because each of the rodeo bull rides will equipped with a safety cushion. There are mainly two kinds of safety cushions in the amusement park rides market, one is the sponge, and the other one is the inflatable cushion. The sponge is cheaper than the inflatable cushion, but it is not very durable and will deform in a short time. Price of inflatable cushion is higher than the sponge, but it is durable and always equipped with a dedicated blower which provided by the supplier, so when you buying a mechanical bull, just asking for the blower.

Please be attention, each set of mechanical bull rides for sale in the amusement park rides manufacturer could be customized by the customer, if you need to buy a different mechanical bull ride, just contact with the seller before your order. And each set of rodeo will install the sensing device, if riders fall down from the bull, the equipment will stop immediately to prevent passengers from hurting by the ride.

Mechanical Bull for Sale Prices

Buying a new mechanical bull rides will not cost you too much. They are cheap enough than other mechanical rides, like ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel rides. Thousands of dollars will bring you a new mechanical bull. They are cheap and can be customized into different sizes, colors as whatever you like. For detailed prices about the price of mechanical bull rides for sale, welcome to contact us now, we, Beston will reply you and send you price list soon!

Why Choose Beston Mechanical Bull to Buy?

  1. Price of mechanical bull rides in Beston is lower than other factory.
  2. Purchase mechanical bull rides from Beston, you will have a lot of choices about the rodeo ride and the shape of the inflatable cushions.
  3. Our mechanical riding bull for sale are hot sell in Middle east, Russia, Africa, Europe and other areas.
  4. Our electric bull rides sales team is professional, they will provide the quality service and supply the details about the rides you need.
  5. ISO9001, CE, OHSAS 8001, ISO14001 and other certification.
  6. Short leading time and fast delivery.
  7. Few model mechanical bull machine are in stock in our warehouse.
  8. Installation CD or Video will send to you or we can also send our engineer to the customer’s countries to help them install the mechanical bull equipment.

Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale You Can Buy from Beston Group

As the most professional mechanical bull rides manufacturer, Beston produce different types of mechanical bull rides with round and shaped size inflatable cushions. Different size of mechanical bull rides can be customized if you need. But the normal size is 4 *4 meter and 5* 5 meter. We had delivery many sets of mechanical bull rides to different countries,  such as Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, UK and etc. Welcome to buy you high quality mechanical bull rides now from Beston Amusement.

The new fully automatic mechanical bull is an entertaining amusement device. The product is a simulated machine cow, which is more fashionable and stronger than the old one. The air cushion has chosen a safer and more comfortable inflatable cushion. The new mechanical bull machine adds an induction device. When the user comes down from the mechanical bull machine, the machine automatically stops. There will be no harm or insecurity to the personnel. When the music of the Spanish mechanical bull music is loud, under the control of the computer automatic program, the rotation and undulation of the multi-rocket machine will give the user a thrilling joy and challenge, which can cultivate the brave and strong character and body of the player. Coordination ability, thrilling and abnormal, greatly cater to the current urban people’s desire to conquer and seek excitement.

We had exported many sets of mechanical bull rides to different countries, South Africa mechanical bull, Nigeria, USA, UK, Pakistan, Russia and etc. Our mechanical bulls are popular used in these places. Welcome to contact us for price list soon.

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