Blow Up Mechanical Bull for Sale

Blow up mechanical bull for sale from Beston Amusement Equipment, also called mechanical bull, electric bull, rodeo bull and inflatable mechanical bull. It is a mechanical and inflatable toys for kids and adults which usually placed in the funfair, playgrounds, backyard, bar and etc. The blow up mechanical bull is made up of an inflatable cushion and a bull. There are different types of blow up mechanical bull rides in our factory, welcome to buy new mechanical bull for your business.

Blow Up Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale
BNBU-A Blow Up Mechanical Bull Rides


Model: BNBU-A
Working voltage : 220 V
Diameter: 5m
Power: 1.5Kw
Weight: 300Kg
Capacity: 1 person
Including : inflatable air cushion

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Blow up mechanical bull usually powered by a variable-speed electric motor. And there is a inflatable cushion that installed around the bull equipment in order to reduce the injury of kids and other passengers. A safe mechanical rides that is really attractive to tourists in the amusement parks. There is a “quick stop” motor in the blow up mechanical bull sets that allows the operator to control the mechanical bull rides safely and ensure the safety for passengers.

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Technical Parameters of Blow Up Mechanical Bull

Name Blow Up/Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rides
Materials High quality 0.55mm PVC material
Color Red, black, pink, yellow/customized
Inflatable Time ≤5minutes
Shipping By sea, air or express
Voltage 220/110V
Power 1500w
Speed 18rmp
Accessories Inflatable repair kit, full set up instructions, control cabinet, air blower

Blow up mechanical bull rides have existed for many years, at first, they are existed as a training device for rodeo competitors. But gradually, people found its pleasure. It has been designed with an inflatable cushion, it become to be used as a form of entertainment, as an amusement rides. As an amusement rides, these blow up mechanical bull rides can be used for mobile rentals, for example, when people need to holding a travelling funfair, a blow up mechanical bull is a perfect ride. They can also be used for the stationary entertainment, such as restaurants, club, parties and bars. The inflatable cushion can be used as a bounce house, when riders tired of the bull, they can also playing on the cushion.

Popularity of Blow Up Mechanical Bull for Sale from Beston Amusement

As the price of these blow up mechanical bull rides is not very high, they can be used for commercial and also backyard use. Almost everywhere is suitable for riding a mechanical bull. There are many different models of mechanical bulls in our factory, also these electric bulls can also be replaced by a horse, pony or other animals you need. Need to buy a new blow up mechanical bull? Just contact us now!

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