Mechanical Bull for Sale in California

Beston mechanical bull rides are hot sale in California. There are many different types of mechanical bull which had been exported to California in USA. Mechanical bull rides from Beston Company can be customized with different sizes, shapes and colors. Round shape and square shape inflatable cushion mechanical bull rides are more popular. Looking to buy mechanical bull rides for your business in California? Contact Beston Now!

amusement park electric mechanical bull rides for sale

Where Can I Buy a Mechanical Bull?

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How to Ride a Mechanical Bull

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Mechanical bull ride in our factory

Electric Bull for Sale

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Funfair mechanical bull ride machine for sale

Bull Ride Machine for Sale

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Mechanical bull inflatable cushion

Kids Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale

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Amusement park mechanical bull rides for sale

Cheap Mechanical Bull for Sale

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Beston Mechanical Bull Rides for California in USA

As a mechanical bull manufacturer, we provide our customer a whole set of machine which including the inflatable cushion, electric motor, control box and air blower. We also send you some special sewing needle and thread.

  • Cheap Price Mechanical Bull Rides for California

We provide many models of mechanical bull rides for our customers in California. We are a large scale  and leading manufacturer and supplier of mechanical bull rides. We give our customer wholesale prices, lower price than other supplier. We also provide air blowers for each set of mechanical bull rides.

  • Mechanical Bulls With Inflatable Cushions for California

Each set of mechanical bull bulls will placed on a  pieces of inflatable cushion, kids and adults and other passengers could ride on the bull safely. The inflatable cushion is a guarantee for passengers who loves riding on these bull riding machine.

  • Electric Powered Bull Rides for California City

Most of our mechanical bull rides are operated by power. The voltage can be adjusted according to your requirement. Electric motor makes a better environmental mechanical bull and it is really popular for California.

Features of Beston Mechanical Bull Rides for California

  • Good performance, rotation speed of these mechanical bull rides can be changed.
  • The mechanical bull is made up of a swing motor and a rotating motor which can be operated by an optical signal.
  • Beston mechanical bull has vivid shape which is safe and stimulating to kids.

Buy new inflatable mechanical bulls for your bars, carnivals, squares or party in California? Choose Beston Amusement. We has exported many sets of mechanical bull rides to California and other different cities in USA.  Our mechanical bull rides has got lots of good feedback from these places. We provide cheaper mechanical bulls, but we also promise our customer a high-quality mechanical bull. Contact us now for your mechanical bull purchasing for your business in California Now.

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