Mechanical Bull Video

Usage of Beston Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rides Video?

Here’s a video of mechanical bull testing in our workshop, in the video we can see how the mechanical bull works. The video is recorded by our workers. From the video, we can see that when you press the start button. The button is one the control box beside the mechanical bull machine. We can control the whole ride by this control box. After we press the button, the electric bull machine in the middle of the equipment will shake up and down with a 30° elevation and 15° depression angle. We can see that after a round, the bull will stop for one seconds for passengers to have a rest.

Mechanical Bull Video In Our WorkShop

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We can set the working time by control box, once the time is up, the bull ride machine will shop immediately. But during the playing process, if passengers could not endure the shaking mode, amusement rides owners could press the stop button in advance.

Some passengers enjoy the inflatable mechanical bull riding, but some of them will enjoy the longest ride on this amusement ride. So before you are going to have a ride on the electric bull ride, you should see the video carefully, maybe it doesn’t work, but at least, you could get familiar with the ride. The video will give you a “Vaccination”.

There are also some how to ride a mechanical bull ride video online, you can search them on the Internet for learning how to ride a rodeo ride. Beston Amusement will try our best to recording more riding video when we manufacturing the inflatable mechanical bull.

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