Mechanical Bull Sales Prices

Packing details of bull ride machine for sale

Inflatable mechanical bull rides belongs to the inflatables, but they also belongs to the amusement park mechanical bull rides. When people want to buy a new mechanical bull, the first thing they will concern is the price. To be honest, mechanical bull prices really lower than other rides.

Electric mechanical bull rides
BNBM-Y Mechanical Bull

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Compare with the inflatables, prices of electric mechanical bull rides are higher, but compare with the large amusement park rides, these mechanical bull rides really spend less. Generally speaking, price of each set of mechanical bull rides are around 2000 to 3000 dollars. All of the amusement park rides business owners will afford this equipment.

Amusement park rodeo bull ride packing
BNBM-1 Inflatable Mechanical Bull Ride Packing

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Each set of inflatable mechanical bull rides will include a rodeo, an inflatable cushion with blower, a control box, a remote control. If possible, people could buy the bull ride only without buying the inflatable cushion. Price of inflatable cushions varies according to different sizes, but the inflatable cushion really spend less.

Mechanical bull ride in our factory
BNBM-2 Wholesale Mechanical Bull

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Mechanical bull sales in Beston could be customized with different sizes, we have adults size and kiddie size inflatable mechanical bull rides in stock. Common size of the inflatable cushion is 4m*4m, but if your area is small, we can customize the size of the cushion. Common mechanical bull rides is designed for adults use, if your tourists are small kids, we could customize the rodeo size for you, we can lower the height of the rodeo, we can replace the bull with a horse, a dolphin or other animals you like.

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